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Hello, sophomores.  Just a quick note… Please SLOW DOWN and PROOFREAD your work with a very careful eye before posting it here.  I have emphasized this point in class and all over this blog, but I’m not sure that all students are taking time to check their work.  Fix spelling, grammar, and content issues BEFORE you… Continue reading

So far…

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Hello!  So far this weekend, 25% of my sophomore students have shared their work here on our blog.  And it’s ALL great work!  If you are one of the students whose work already appears on the blog as of 9:30 PM on 1/27, please see me for a little surprise to recognize your work habits.  … Continue reading

Option Two (3 total)

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OPTION TWO Look closely at these two paintings, “Sunlight in a Cafeteria” and “Nighthawks,” by Edward Hopper.  Select one to write about and explain what makes it an interesting painting.  Write at least 40 words (or more).  What is the dominant emotion in the scene?  What action is occurring?  What is your prediction about the… Continue reading

Option One (3 total)

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Hello!  Welcome to our new project:  Cupcake English Blog! We’re only getting our feet wet this weekend, so please do not feel any pressure!  Look at this as an interesting opportunity to become a brave writer and a deeper thinker.  We have a great deal to learn from each other.  Your first job on the “Cupcake… Continue reading


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VIDEO LINK: Hello!  This excellent TED Talk, “The Danger of a Single Story,” will inspire you to do a lot of deep thinking and make connections between what you have learned.  I will give you the transcript in class on Tuesday, but it’s best if you watch it ahead of time.  Please email me… Continue reading

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Below are links to three videos that I think you will find interesting and thought-provoking.  Watch each one; they are all brief. The second one has an accompanying article, and the third one has additional “Web only” links on the left.  You may conduct additional research on any of these topics on the Internet, and… Continue reading