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Hello!  Welcome to our new project:  Cupcake English Blog!

We’re only getting our feet wet this weekend, so please do not feel any pressure!  Look at this as an interesting opportunity to become a brave writer and a deeper thinker.  We have a great deal to learn from each other. 

Your first job on the “Cupcake Blog” is to write a brief (or lengthy) response to one (or more) of these three posts.  Submit your work this weekend.

Watch these two videos from NBC Nightly News.  The first one is about new homes for dogs, and the second is about healthy food for children.  Select the story you find most interesting.  Write a brief response (40 words or more) in which you explain the message you think the story is sharing with the public.  What are the big ideas in the story?  Is it important for people to know about this?  What parts of the story do you want to know more about?  Support your claims with details!

#1: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40153870/#50131648
#2: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40153870/#44556360

Be sure to carefully proofread your writing before you share it.  Maybe even read it aloud.  Type your work as a document, and then paste it into the comment box on the blog.  We look forward to reading your thoughts! 



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  1. The video I thought was most interesting was the second one about healthy foods for children. The video was showing a big way of getting children to enjoy healthy food, by making them more hands on and having them learn about each food. The children of West End Elementary School planted a garden full of a variety of different vegetables and fruits, and they started to like new unknown veggies because they made the garden themselves. Making the garden really caught their attention and they became interested in these healthy foods. This also helped them tie it to other situations like at home, they find the vegetables at home to bring to school for lunch. Another thing the school was doing to get catch the children’s attention was making the healthier foods less expensive then the junk food. The food prices showed the children that the healthy food really can be a good thing, and in this situation you save money. West End Elementary School really does teach their students in a way they enjoy, hands-on.

  2. I found the healthy food for children video most interesting. I believe that this story is trying to show how having children eat fruits and vegetables and trying new healthy foods is essential to creating a healthier generation. It is important for kids to eat healthy, which should start at their school with having the kids want to eat more fruits and vegetables than chips and junk food, which they did by lowering the price of healthy choices. It seemed to me that if kids try new foods that are healthy for them while with friends, they are more likely to do it because they’re friends are big influences on their lives. Also, having the kids plant their own vegetables will make them want to try them even more.

  3. The video I found most interesting was the second video about healthy food for children. One major idea in the story is the start to making a healthier generation. The garden the students made at West End Elementary School made students curious about new healthy foods. They would also enjoy it more because the food grown is theirs. The garden also made the students choices for lunch healthier. For example, students brought items for salad, instead of bringing a bag of chips. Also, once one student brings a healthier lunch, others will do the same, which would make a chain reaction.

  4. Good job, Zoey, Christina, and Amber. You’ve each written well about the video, and I’m glad you found it interesting. What are some questions that remain on your mind as you think about the kids and their garden at school? Hmmm…

  5. The second story really caught my eye. At this current time, one in three kids and teens in America are overweight. The actions that were taken at West End Elementary School should be spread among other schools. Some city schools might be unable to build gardens but there is nothing holding them back from making the healthier things cheaper and the unhealthy things like chips and soda more expensive or even unavailable. I would really like to know how much further this movement will go and how many more schools it will affect, and maybe if it can make a difference in American kids and teens. School is a great place for these type of things to happen. Since kids spend most of their time in school i believe that they should be influenced properly and shown how to live a healthy life style, also most of the things that they learn in school will stay with them for their life, which is why the actions taken by Food Corps should be spread to more schools.

  6. The video I found most interesting was the first one, which summarized the issue of animal shelters and kennels being overpopulated, especially on the West Coast. I think that the main purpose of this story is to inform the public about the increasing amount of dogs in shelters that need homes. These shelters are putting dogs to sleep because of the over crowding, which is very cruel but believed to be necessary by each individual shelter to create more space. It is very important for people to know about this, because these innocent animals deserve homes, and families to love them. The organization called “Wings of Rescue” has saved over 5,000 animals in the past 18 months. They bring the animals from over- populated shelters to areas where homes are available and animals are wanted. Americans interested in adopting an animal should be made aware that there are many animals trapped in shelters and searching for homes.

  7. I found the video about healthy eating most interesting. It showed everyday kids making better choices in what they eat. The whole reason for having the garden at school, and changing the prices as well as what they serve in the school’s cafeteria, was to make kids eat healthier and prevent childhood obesity. The staff as well as the students made a change and turning point in West End Elementary School’s diet.

  8. I find the new home for dogs more interesting. The message the video is trying to get across is that many shelters are way too over crowded. Many dogs were going to be euthanized because shelters need more space for incoming dogs. Thanks to “Wings of Rescue” they have saved 5000 animals in the past 18 months that were soon to be killed. These animals were given a better chance to live out there life instead of living in shelters and waiting for their death. They found loving families that want to take care of them. This video is encouraging adopters to look for dogs in shelters because innocent animals are being put to sleep because of the overcrowding in shelters in the west coast.

  9. I think that the most interesting video was the first one about the dogs. I thought that this was interesting because the dogs were actually saved. The fact that there were many volunteers to help get the dogs to the new shelter was amazing. There must have been a lot of planning and time well spent on this. Also, there must have been much money put into this because of the amount of dogs that were being transported.

  10. The second video about healthy eating I thought was most interesting because it really showed how one community can come together and help eachother out. For example a woman in the video explains how the kids instead of bringing chips for a snack they are starting to bring healthy vegetables. The community has an effect on these kids by showing them new foods that are interesting and good for their health which is a plus. That can change children and even adults outlooks on food and different types to start eating better and to get into shape. The school is helping the kids by not giving them unhealthy foods such as pizza or cookies, but celery and cucumbers. That is interesting because if one school can do it any school can.

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