English 12 H—Moral Reasoning, Trolleys, and Cannibals

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WATCH THIS VIDEO:  http://www.ted.com/talks/michael_sandel_what_s_the_right_thing_to_do.html Hello, seniors.  You are assigned to watch this 55-minute video before class on Friday, April 26.  It is a lecture by Michael Sandel, popular Harvard professor of political philosophy.  As you watch, you’ll find a number of good places where you can pause as necessary.  I suggest keeping your notebook handy… Continue reading

Sophomores–To Kill a Mockingbird chapter assignments

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Each sophomore who was in class on Friday now has a chapter for which he/she is responsible.  For your chapter: 1) Select an especially important paragraph.  Write at least one page explaining why this chapter is important.    Cite the specific page number. 2) Identify a prominent motif in the chapter.  Write at least one page… Continue reading

Hi, A period Seniors

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Hello, Seniors.  Please indicate here TODAY that you are able to use Cupcake English Blog.  Perhaps you’ll just say “hello.”  Perhaps you’ll tell us a (clean) joke.  Perhaps you’ll share an idea to promote harmony and understanding in the world.  Perhaps you’ll pose a question.  Perhaps you’ll share something that’s on your mind.  Perhaps you’ll… Continue reading

Hi, Sophomores! Two Most Important Words…

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Hello!  Below are links to six articles.  Take a good look at each one, and then select the one you find most interesting.  DUE: Thursday, 2/28, by 9:30 PM LENGTH: 250 words—minimum Assignment: READ your ENTIRE article thoroughly.  Perhaps read it aloud and at least twice. SELECT the TWO most IMPORTANT WORDS in the article.  The words… Continue reading