What Makes a Good Leader? An Effective Leader?

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Welcome to your fist post on Cupcake English Blog.  When you click on the above link, you will arrive at the “Corner Office” page of The New York Times.  This weekly feature offers highlights from interviews with business leaders about leadership and management.  Hundreds of interviews are stored; scroll down to see the name, photo, and company of hundreds of people with whom writer Adam Bryant has spoken since 2009.  Each interview also has a title that offers a preview of its content.
AssignmentReview the list and select one to consider in depth.  Read the interview, and perhaps print it so you can annotate the page.  Write a 200-word (minimum) response about the interview.
Consider this questions as you read & write:
*To what extent does this person appear to be a good leader?  An effective leader?  (Address this in your response.)
*What has helped this person become successful?
*What new knowledge and/or insights have you gained from reading this interview?
*Why does this person’s interview hold your interest?
*What additional question would you ask the person?

Proofread your work with care before posting in on our blog.  Read it aloud!  Write well.

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