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Below are links to three videos that I think you will find interesting and thought-provoking.  Watch each one; they are all brief. The second one has an accompanying article, and the third one has additional “Web only” links on the left.  You may conduct additional research on any of these topics on the Internet, and include additional info in your response.

After you watch each video, select one to write about here.  Share your reaction to the video.  Write at least 200 words in response to the video you choose.  Refer only to the video that you select (not the other one).  Remember to proofread your writing before posting it to the blog.  If you use paragraphs (you should!), please include a space between them so the paragraphs will be distinct.

Here are some questions to consider:

*What details do you find most interesting about the news story?
*To what extent does the story convey an inspiring message?
*What questions do you have after viewing?  (Note why you’re wondering about the topic.)
*Is this a story that should have a wide audience?
*Can you draw a personal connection to the story?

1.  “Therapy Dogs Help Anxious Students”

2.  “Teaching Lessons On and Off the Mat”



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  1. Here is my response to the yoga video. i know you didnt put a link to it up yet, but i figured i do it anyway! 329 wordsss

    This video shows the good people that still do exist. After the recent shooting in Newtown people don’t have a lot of hope that there are good people left in the world. But when people do small things like the guys in this video did, they really do make a difference. These three brothers chose to go back into an area that they probably hoped to never see themselves in again, to make a difference. They started a nonprofit group that offered free yoga classes. They chose yoga they said because it helped teach the kids with behavioral and anger problems peace of mind; which is much needed in an area that could have up to four shootings in one weekend. Growing up there, they knew what it was like for the kids now. Their dad had taught them yoga when they were younger and they continued that because they saw the good it could do.
    They say yoga is a stress reliever for the kids. They can come and do that instead of going out and fighting or vandalizing property. One kid that was brought up through the program said it really did change him and now he is a volunteer. Other kids say the classes taught them when they want to fight to take a deep breath and step back. More programs and people like these the brothers created are needed.
    I think the brothers started the free yoga classes purely for the betterment of the kids and to be mentors for them. Growing up in a place like they did the brother know it is important to have a place to go where you feel calm and safe, and that’s what they provided the kids. I think the biggest reward they got was seeing kids that had previously vandalized city property, cleaning it. They didn’t do it to get anything out of it; they did it so the kids of the city could improve their lives.

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