Sophomores–To Kill a Mockingbird chapter assignments

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Each sophomore who was in class on Friday now has a chapter for which he/she is responsible. 

For your chapter:
1) Select an especially important paragraph.  Write at least one page explaining why this chapter is important.    Cite the specific page number.

2) Identify a prominent motif in the chapter.  Write at least one page explaining how the motif is apparent in the chapter.  Cite specific passages in the chapter.  Motifs we’ve noted in class include hiding places, secrets, prejudice, discrimination, teaching, mysteries, rumors, gifts, absent parents…

WRITE WELL.  Remember C.S.I. and the iceberg metaphor.  Remember Somebody…Wants…But…So…  These strategies can be helpful to you with this assignment.

Beginning Tuesday, students will share their work with the class.  These will be brief presentations. 
On Monday, 3/25, we’ll discuss criteria for a great brief presentation.
Those students who were absent on Friday will need to be in touch with me as soon as possible.

We will have a test in class on Friday on Part One of the novel.  This is a link to the entire novel online.

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