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Hello!  So far this weekend, 25% of my sophomore students have shared their work here on our blog.  And it’s ALL great work! 
If you are one of the students whose work already appears on the blog as of 9:30 PM on 1/27, please see me for a little surprise to recognize your work habits.  

If you have not yet shared your work here, please do so before the end of the day on Monday, 1/28.  These initial options are a very good way to get yourself familiar with how Cupcake English Blog will work for the rest of the year.  You’ll find that writing here helps you become a stronger writer, reader, and thinker.  And these three options are just the tip of the iceberg compared with what we’ll do as the year continues! 

Read what your classmates and I have written, develop some new ideas of your own, and rise to the challenges!

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