Sophomores—To Kill a Mockingbird—TEST info

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Our test on To Kill a Mockingbird will be on Wednesday/Thursday, May 8/9. 

You will write ONE well-developed, detailed, organized essay in response to ONE of the following THREE prompts:

*Although he is not without flaws, Atticus Finch is a noble man who teaches his children and the town of Maycomb valuable lessons.   While acknowledging his flaws, write an essay in which you explain his most noble traits and deeds.  Be very selctive and specific in your analysis of Atticus.

*While several characters lose tangible objects during the time in which the novel is set, many characters also lose important intangible things that carry far greater consequences—good and bad.  Which character endures the most significant loss in the novel?  Who is responsible for the loss—directly and indirectly?  To what extent does this character recover from the loss?

*The motif of hiding places is prominent throughout the novel.  In what ways do these hiding places, both literal and figurative, help support deep interpretations of the main characters?  Select one main character and explain how the motif of hiding places is related to this character.  Be very specific with your supporting examples.

Your essay must:
*feature a strong, ARGUABLE, interesting, worthwhile THESIS STATEMENT at the end of the introduction paragraph.
*include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusions paragraph.  Organization is essential.
*include a topic sentence at the start of each body paragraph.  Each topic sentence connects to the thesis statement.
*include strong details in each body paragraph.
*be well written and interesting. 

You may organize your work on a graphic organizer before the test and bring it with you.  I am very happy to review your graphic organizer in advance.

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