Hi, A period Seniors

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Hello, Seniors.  Please indicate here TODAY that you are able to use Cupcake English Blog.  Perhaps you’ll just say “hello.”  Perhaps you’ll tell us a (clean) joke.  Perhaps you’ll share an idea to promote harmony and understanding in the world.  Perhaps you’ll pose a question.  Perhaps you’ll share something that’s on your mind.  Perhaps you’ll impress us.

HOW TO DO THIS:  Click where it says, “10 comments” or whatever number appears. ALSO, you can edit your settings so your first name appears, and you can change your avatar.  That would be nice.

Also, I want to recommend that you sign up “subscribe by email.”  Scroll down on the right-hand side and type your email address.  This way you will receive an email when I post an assignment.  Granted, you’ll also receive an email when I post an assignment for sophomores, but that’s the way the ball bounces.  Thanks.

Please post your comment here TODAY (February 28).  Many thanks.  (HOW is it already February 28?)

Please remind your classmates to do this.  Thank you…

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