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Hello!  Below are links to six articles.  Take a good look at each one, and then select the one you find most interesting. 
DUE: Thursday, 2/28, by 9:30 PM
LENGTH: 250 words—minimum

READ your ENTIRE article thoroughly.  Perhaps read it aloud and at least twice.
SELECT the TWO most IMPORTANT WORDS in the article.  The words cannot be words also found in the title.  TYPE the words in “quotation marks.”
EXAMINE each word in its specific CONTEXT.  This will help you focus on what to write.

EXPLAIN why each word is very significant in the article.  Write a separate PARAGRAPH for the two words.  Use deep, interesting DETAILS from the article to support your claims.  Examine each word in its context.
ELABORATE in depth about the significance of the two words in the article.  Stay focused on the article. 
PROOFREAD your writing WORD by WORD—SENTENCE by SENTENCE.  Read your writing ALOUD to ensure full clarity.

Let your clever abilities shine in your writing.  Show that you can think deeply about the topics you choose to write about.  Work carefully!

“Children in U.S. Are Eating Fewer Calories, Study Finds”

A Digital Update to Those Old Family Photo Albums”

“Teacher, Juggler, Unicyclist”

“Seen as Nature Lovers’ Paradise, Utah Struggles With Air Quality”

“Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore”

“Smoking’s Gender Gap Closes”

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  1. I chose to take words from “Children eating less Calories”

    The first word I ciphered was “Harbinger”
    I believe this is the single most important word in this article because it signifies an approaching change in some aspect, in this case being a healthier diet to kids. Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University says that the percentage was too small to actually make a difference, but the numbers are headed in the right direction. Obesity is a subject that everyone needs to be careful of. Almost 33% of adults are obese, and people who are obese tend to be lazy. This is another event that professors are worried about, what if we were all obese and couldn’t get things done. We all need to take responsibility and do our own jobs. What I found interesting about this is that fast food consumption went down! I found this interesting because many people enjoy fast food, but this means that people can take control and not eat this deep fried food.
    When I was a kid I used to love going to fast food restaurants such as McDonalds. I went there almost three times a week and gorged on food. I continued this habit until 2011, when I found out what they do to the food. Perhaps these children are learning it much earlier and getting the lesson hardwired into their brains earlier than me.

    The second word I chose was “Nutrition”
    This word coincides with the word “Harbinger”.
    Kids are eating less fast food, which is the source of most obesity today. What the research uncovered was that non-obese people were eating less fast food and calories in general, while obese people INCREASED in their daily intake. These obese people had to start out with normal bodies at some point, but they chose to continue eating this fattening food. Children today really need to take nutrition seriously so they can live good lives instead of being another negative statistic. Additionally, a fact I found interesting is that obese people increased the amount of fast food they ate prior to this test. This means that while non-obese people can slow their intake, obese people have more trouble doing so. It seems as if fast food can be an addiction to some people, even if they know the health risks.

    • Hi, Sam. You use several pieces of information from the article in your response. “Harbinger” and “nutrition” are both essential words in the article. Good selections! How might you elaborate on the idea that children appear to be eating healthier diets? What other evidence does the article present to suggest that this is indeed the case?

      The possibility that fast food can become an addiction is an interesting topic to research. Scientists and nutritionists have been studying this possibility in recent years. Please take note of the stereotype about obese people that you state in your first paragraph. Stating that an entire group of people tend to be lazy may not have a basis in fact, and may be hurtful to some people.

      • I actually did think about this for quite some time, and considered adding another paragraph on how many obese people work hard, but I felt as if it would go off topic since it did not relate to the words as much as I would like.
        Additionally another word may have been needed in order to incorporate these details. I wasn’t complete aware if more than two words would be acceptable. Would be interesting to research that stereotype a bit more in depth.

  2. One of the words critical to the article “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore” is “first.” “First” is a major word in this article because this school is the first to push a new educational reform that involves gym. While most schools have gym be a main focus on physical development, Mrs. Patelsky’s physical education class throws in core academic subjects in the mix as well. Some of the techniques to fuse physical activity with core academic courses include counting warm up activities in different languages or explaining how Newton’s Law of Motion is applied as kids toss a ball back and forth. Doing this not only gives students a boost in their core classes but also paints P.E as an essential part of each child’s intellectual development and not a class they can dismiss as a flop subject. Essentially, “first” is a critical word in this article because it defines the main purpose of this article in how this school in Florida is taking a step forward in foreign territory to turn P.E into a class that demands as much respect as the original core subjects while still holding onto their unusual twist.

    Though “first” is an essential word in this article, so is the word “generation.” “Generation” takes a stake in this article because it resembles their roots in the past. Both points of view are vital to understand the balance between the original purpose of gym; which is to increase ones physical physique and the new purpose is to acquire the proper physical development while spicing up students’ overall education. At the end of this article, Kathleen Oropeza states, “…learning that they want to participate as part of the team why does that have to be overshadowed by the hard, high-stakes test environment?” This statement, just the like the word generation just goes to prove how the new generation is ready and able to move forward with a extra supplement to their education, but the elder generation may be hesitant because if the education they received was well suited for them it should be well suited for their younger counter parts.

    • Hi, Crystal. You write well about the two key words you selected. You also take a clear stance on the subject of the article, noting that, with this new approach to PE, gym class now “demands as much respect as the original core subjects.”

      I like how you continue to support your interpretation of this topic in your second paragraph. Your choice of the word “generation” helps you do this effectively. Younger people, such as the students, are generally embracing their augmented gym class. Do you think that such an approach would work well in our school district?

  3. In the article, “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore,” a word that stands out to me is “math” which is an academic that teaches people the use of numbers, shapes, etc. The real question is why is the word math even in an article about gym class? Schools around the world have gym classes that are different than most. For example most common gym classes normally play multiple physical activities such as sports or a simple game of dodgeball. At Everglades Elementary that is not the case, Ms. Patelsky, the gym teacher there has her students count by fours and even add up dots on pairs of dice before sprinting to other mats. Therefore some school districts like Everglades Elementary has students learn by hands on activities in gym class. Personally, I think that is an interesting idea because it helps children as little as age six learn how to count. Maybe when I was a child that would of been useful for me because I would of wanted to be more involved with counting numbers by running to different areas in the gym instead of doing worksheets in the classroom which loses my interest.

    The word “change” relates to the article because in different states, school administrations are changing the purpose of gym classes. Originally they are for students to get physically active and play different sports, now they are changing it to be more academically so students learn more. Instead of playing a small game of basketball, gym teachers are having students learn subjects such physcial science by having them take tests on Newton’s Law of Motion and by tossing balls in the air. That relates to “change” because its giving gym class a whole new purpose instead of the regular stereotypical sports and physical moment type of class. Change is a good thing in some cases including the academic gym class idea. For some kids who like to learn they will feel more easy about going to gym class knowing that they don’t have be pressured to kick a soccer ball. Instead they could fit right in learning or counting numbers.

    • Hi, Kaitlin. You’ve selected two essential words at the center of this article. I share your point of view about how both math and gym class may have been more interesting if the two had been blended. Neither class was especially interesting to me when I was little, so this new strategy may have held my interest, too.

      Your point about the pressure some kids may feel in gym class is a good one. This “change” might be what some kids are seeking in order to feel more comfortable. Do you think that kids who already enjoy gym class might feel less enthusiastic with the additional academic component?

  4. One word that I pulled from “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore” is intensifying. I chose intensifying because basically what the school has done with gym class is intensify it. They were encouraged to go beyond the sports and additionally have reading, writing and arithmetic wrapped into it. Some educators believe this creates a more productive learning system. I think pushing academics into gym class would defeat its primary purpose. As a student I like gym because it’s a time for me to have a break from my academics. Gym isn’t always easy though, it gets competitive and we still have to learn and know what to do in order to win the game. “It’s just a way to make P.E. teachers more of an asset to schools and seem as important”. I think gym is important, it makes sure we stay active on a daily bases and it’s always been a part of the school schedule for decades. Additionally having academics part of gym would definitely intensify it but in the worst way. You would have to be good at reading, writing, and arithmetic to do well in gym. Gym has traditionally always been a place to let loose and have fun, as a child gym would be my favorite subject because of the fun. Also I think health is basically what they would be creating just without playing sports, in health you learn about the human body so there’s already an academic for that.

    Another word I pulled from the article is test. “Teachers now post vocabulary lists on gym walls, ask students to test Newton’s Laws of Motion as they toss balls, and give quizzes on parts of the skeleton or food groups”. I chose test because gym would just be a period to be tested on what the students are already learning in their academic classes. I don’t think this is fair at all. Most students struggle in at least one of their academics. Gym currently is a class based on participation and it wouldn’t be right to set struggling students up for failure. “I think there is such a thing as taking something too far,” said Kathleen Oropeza I agree this is just starting trouble and isn’t necessary. I don’t think kids even deserve this, most of us work so hard in school and its stressful enough. Physical activity is important and should most definitely be focused on as one subject without the unnecessary extra work.

    • Hi, Emma. You’ve done a good job asserting your point of view in your writing. I like how you use the word “intensify” later in the first paragraph to support your stance that academics might diminish a primary purpose of gym class. You make good claims about gym class, and you use your own experience as a child as additional support.

      “Test” is another word you explain well. You consistently maintain your point of view that gym class should not be a place where students feel the pressures traditionally reserved for an academic classroom. Keep up the good, organized writing.

  5. In the article “Smoking Gender Gap Closes” one key word I found was “hazards.” The word “hazards” is an important word because there are many risks and hazards that come along with smoking. The entire article is talking about smoking and how the percentage has decreased a lot, but many people are still out their smoking and they don’t understand the “hazards” of smoking. Statistics show that more men smoke than women, but more women have also started to smoke. Dr. Steven A. Schroeder said “women that smoke like men die like men who smoke.” This means that women have the same risks and “hazards” that men do, the “hazards” have nothing to do with the gender or how a man is built differently than a woman. One of the major “hazards” researchers are finding is those who smoke are more likely to die about 10 years earlier than people who don’t smoke. Imagine that, 10 years off of your life, do you really want to lose 10 years of your life just for smoking?

    My second word that I found was very important in the article “Smoking Gender Gap Closes” was the word “lung cancer.” Smoking causes a lot of damage to the lungs because you are inhaling this disgusting substance and putting your lungs and heart at risk. Dr. Michael J. Thun says that “for both men and women who smoke, the risk of death from “lung cancer” was 25 times greater than for non-smokers. “Lung cancer” was also shown to be the most infamous hazard linked to smoking. My aunt used to smoke, but then when her friend who also smoked was diagnosed with “lung cancer”; my aunt quit immediately because she didn’t want to imagine what it would do to my cousins if she died from lung cancer or was diagnosed with “lung cancer”. Everyone knows someone who smokes, so people should let them know about all the risks they are putting their lives in and the biggest one is “lung cancer.”

    • Emma, you’ve included specific information from the article about the hazards of smoking. These hazards pertain to smokers of both sexes, despite what some people may have incorrectly believed. Good job quoting two doctors who share their expert knowledge in the article. You follow up the quoatations with your own deeper analysis, which is important in good writing.

      The story you share about your aunt’s experience is compelling. I wonder how many other people abruptly quit smoking under similar circumstances.

  6. Hi, Brittanni. You maintain your point of view consistently throughout your writing. Good job. The addition of academic material to gym classes is not universally appreciated, and you state some of the reasons why. The recommendations don’t persuade you. However, it could be a good idea here to acknowledge the alternative point of view. Are there any valid reasons for this new approach to gym class?

    You’ve written some strong sentences here, and your own voice is clear in your writing. Keep this up!

  7. In the article, “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore,” one word that stood out to me is “physical.” When you’re in gym class your body moves physically. However when you’re learning about a certain subject in a classroom, your brain somewhat “moves” physically also because your always thinking. Instead of doing one or the other, Ms. Patelsky, the gym teacher at Everglades Elementary School incorporates both in one class. She does this by having the students do different physical things, like a normal gym class would do, but she has them use Math, English, etc. while they are doing it. I think that it is a good idea to learn while doing physical activities because it gets every part of your body involved. Some parents don’t fully agree with this change, but what really matter is if the kids like it or not because they’re the ones that have to actually do it. Keyli Castellon states, “It’s fun because you get to do different moves and its learning”.

    Another word that stood out to me was “incorporate”. This word also stood out to me because by schools doing this, they are incorporating different learning subjects and making them fun to learn. Ms. Patelsky incorporates math into P.E. class by having the kids count by fours while they touched their elbows to their knees. She incorporated English by using vocabulary words to tell the students to do something. For example, when Ms. Patelsky had the kids go in push-up position, they were balanced on one arm. When she wanted them to switch, she yelled out “Alternate!”, and exclaimed, “That’s one of your vocabulary words”. Janis Andrews states, “Some children just learn better through more movement than they do sitting at a desk.” Being a high school student, I agree with this statement. If teachers around the country took learning and incorporated it into something everyone can engage and have fun in, students would learn more and it wouldn’t be as boring.

    • Hi, Alyssa. Good work. You selected good words and did a good job explaining their significance in the article. I like how you take a clear point of view about the topic of incorporating more material into a typical gym class. You support your point of view with specific details from the article, including quotations from the teachers. Nice job! You also make a relevant connection to your own experience as a student, suggesting that more physical activity would enhance learning. I think this is a nice idea. Here’s a secret: Come springtime, our class will go outside now and then! But don’t tell anyone… Shhh.

  8. I chose to read “Teacher, Juggler, Unicyclist”. The two words I chose are “remember” and “teenager”.

    I chose the word remember for many reasons. One of the reasons is that the circus teacher, Mr.Burgess, has many memories to reflect back on and to share with his students or with people that he meets. I myself would love to meet Mr.Burgess, it seems like he has lived a life full of adventures and I would love to hear about each one. The adventures, and the life that he has lived that he still remembers is what built his character and what made him the person that he is. It appears like if he could, he would go in search for more adventures and would want to look for more fun in his life still. Everything that he has done in the past led to him teaching a circus class now and being able to teach young people and have a affect on their lives. With everything that he has done he is able to give personal stories and connect with others. Mr.Burgess also has a lot of background knowledge about the circus since he has been doing it since he was only a teenager. This lets him give hints to his students easily and pointers that could help them achieve their goals.

    You might be wondering what importance does the word teenager have in a story about a elderly man. Well at first when you look at Mr.Burgess you might think he is a retired senior citizen that at his age takes long strolls in the park admiring the nature that surrounds him. Believe it or not you are very wrong. Mr.Burgess is a circus teacher and at age 70 is capable of doing some things that even teenagers are unable to do. The word Teenager is important in this article because it pin points the message. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Mr.Burgess is capable of writing a unicycle, something that would take me days to just try to get on. As a circus teacher, he is capable of spinning multiple plates on a stick, something that my mother would not want me to try. This just proves that we are all different and that we should take the time out of our lives to get to know each other more and get to know each others pasts more. I would be very upset if i passed the chance of getting to know Mr.Burgess and to hear all the adventures that he has experienced taking part in multiple circuses. I feel like each of his story would be great to listen to and even to tell other people. Mr.Burgess is a very unique person and he is a perfect example of what some people might be hiding. But it also proves that it is worth to get to know new people and discover their story.

  9. My favorite article was “Children in U.S. Are Eating Fewer Calories, Study Finds.”

    The first word I chose was “change.” This entire article signifies a change in our society and personal health. Studies show that in recent years calorie consumption has decreased by 7 percent in boys and 4 percent in girls. Although Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University says this change needs to be bigger to really have an impact. But she says this is a step in the right direction. Every movement or change begins with small changes such as this. Small things like kids learning about the effects of their eating habits earlier on in life have started this change. I know that I didn’t start learning about calories and food intake until 7th grade when I took foods and I wish I knew what I know now a lot sooner. Research shows that boys 2 to 11 had the biggest decrease in calorie consumption. Schools and parents have been teaching kids about nutrition and health care at an earlier age because of the high obesity level. One third of adults today are obese. To stop this trend the newest generation is being informed about its causes and these recent studies are the first step.

    The other word I chose was “trending.” I chose trending because trends are the beginning of most epidemics and I think its safe to say obesity is one of these growing epidemic. The studies mentioned in this article confirm that trends and obsessions like fast food have declined. The percent of calories from fast-food in adults dropped from 12.8 percent in 2006 to 11.3 percent in 2010. We all know that fast-food is high in fat, sugar and carbs. The revolutionary convenience of fast-food is what has made it so popular. Since people now-a-days are set on pure laziness, being able to get a meal in 5 minutes at a cheap price is an offer they can’t refuse. Unfortunately and fortunately this trend has grow but is now dropping. This article shows how the trend of fast-food, calorie intake, and nutrition education are related. Because obesity has been and is becoming more of a problem among adults and kids things are being done to help prevent this spike. The research in this article shows that this recent change in awareness is really starting to appear, slowly but surly in things such as calorie consumption declines. Hopefully this drop is a growing trend!

  10. I chose the article “gym class isn’t just fun and games anymore” a word that stood out to me was “motivation.” In the article it states that gym will now incorporate mini lessons into the class. Motivation is a strong word for me because now while kids are getting their heart rate up they get to learn in a fun way and that motivates them to learn. Not all kids enjoy to learn, some are athletic kids and don’t want to pay attention. Now they are motivated to work out hard and learn at the same time.

    Another word that come to mind while reading this story is “opportunity.” That word pops into my head because not all kids are super athletic. In gym, some kids may be afraid of being called on last to be on a team. Now that mini lessons are being added to gym, kids get a chance to show their strong suit and connect with other kids in that class. It’s a huge opportunity to become friends with others and to learn while having a good time with your friends. This opportunity is given to all kids. Not everyone has teachers that try to help you learn and adding academics to gym gives kids a huge opportunity to learn and increase their knowledge in other classes.

  11. In the article, “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore,” one word that stood out to me is physical. Mrs. Patelsky, haves her students do different physical things though, her class is like a normal Elementary School gym. But she has her kids use their reading and math skills. This is pushing physical education teachers move beyond the usual sports and include reading, writing and mathematics. It is good that Ms. Patelshy incorporates things that the kids are learning. In the article Keyli Castellon states, “It’s fun because you get to do different moves and its learning”. Gym has always been a place for you to have fun, exercise, and have a free period of not learning anything. I think that is a very good idea doing this because it helps children learn how to count and also use their vocabulary.

    Another word that stood out to me is change. Mrs. Patelsky is combining gym and things as simple as math and vocabulary and mixing it together. Doing this includes the kids regular everyday classes but combining it with physical education. Mrs. Patelsky had changed gym for a lot of other schools in the US. “Some children just learn better through more movement than they do sitting at a desk.” Mrs. Patelsky has changed gym not to just a place to work out, have fun, and exercise, but she changed gym class into a place to grow academically and have students use the material they are learning and using with real life.

  12. In the article “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore”, a word that stood out to me was “physical”. Today in school gym classes are used to get kids active and moving, physical activity is a big part of a person’s life. Mrs. Patelsky, has her students do different physical activities to get moving and active, but she includes academics as well. I don’t think this is a good way to spend time in gym, especially with younger kids. The other night Michelle Obama was on the news saying how she is pushing kids to get active for at least an hour a day. By adding academics into gym it takes away the “physical” and fun part about gym classes.

    Another word that stood out to me was “motivation”, gym classes get kids active because kids are excited to participate and be motivated by classmates when doing good. If they include academics like math then most likely kids will lose “motivation” to play and participate. Kid will lose motivation to play and go to gym class. I told my younger cousins who are 6 and 9 about this article, they both told me they wouldn’t want to go to gym class if this is included. They would rather play and have fun with friends and do an activity.

  13. In the article, “Smoking’s Gender Gap Closes”, one word that stood out to me was “life.” This word may be the most important word in the whole article which is why I’m surprised that this word wasn’t used more because a smoker is basically taking their life away from themselves. Life is a precious thing and I don’t understand why someone would risk their life and shorten it just so they could smoke. This word is very important to the article because it is the main thing smoking affects. Smoking shortens a person’s life by at least 10 years, which is a big amount. It also kills more women than breast cancer does, which I didn’t know. Now that people have realized how much smoking affects their life and health, the amount of people who smoke has gone down greatly, but many people still smoke, which isn’t just mostly men now. Many women have started smoking, even though they know what it does to your health. They are putting their life at a great risk, which is why this word is very important, and people should focus on this word when reading this article.

    “Quitting” is also another word that was important to the article. It’s important because it’s what the article promotes. Smokers would have a longer life if they quit smoking and they should try to quit. My grandpa used to smoke until he was in his late 30’s, but he quit once he realized how it was affecting him. He is now in his early 80’s but he does have heart problems because of it. This proves that smoking can cause long lasting impacts on a person’s health. My great uncle died from lung cancer due to smoking, which is why it is important to quit or never even start. I liked how the article said that it was important to promote how dangerous smoking really is so people wont start. This would lead to more people “quitting”, which would increase their life span and could lead to the end of smoking.

  14. In the article “Seen as Nature Lovers’ Paradise, Utah Struggles With Air Quality” I chose to pick the word AIR. I picked this word for many different reasons but for the main reasons because people take it for granite. For example in this article I learned that people on Salt Lake City Utah have air pollution which means it is a lot hard to get oxygen to your system. You would never think that people in America would have to face this problem but it is affecting a lot of people in Utah. For example “According to the division, Salt Lake County has experienced 22 days this winter in which pollution levels exceeded federal air quality standards, compared with just one last year.” People should really read this because it is interesting to know that their is some places in Utah that have are pollution.

    This article also can be very informative. I say that because if you are a traveler and you want to go to Salt Lake City Utah you should probably check to see if the air pollution is at a good level. Having high pollution levels it can really be a difficult on the city because if they’re arnt any travels the town will start to die down. Also another disadvantage about having such high pollution level is that people won’t want to live there anymore. So practically this town is in a bad condition right now.

    Another thought that I had about this article was how scary it is. It is really hard to believe that you could die because of bad air but that could actually happen to you in Salt Lake City Utah.

  15. In the article “Gym Class isn’t all Fun and Games Anymore”, I pulled the word “purpose”. This article talks about how gym class isn’t necessarily being used as gym class, but more of English, Math, and Language classes combined. I chose this word because this article explains clearly how putting academics into gym classes can defeat its purpose. “And some educators worry that pushing academics into P.E. class could defeat its primary purpose.” I do agree with this because we all know that gym is made for fun games like soccer, kickball, basketball, etc. We’re there to be taught all of these different types of sports, not to be taught academics. English, Math, and Language all have their own separate classes, so why incorporate that into P.E.? That’s like putting History and Language into Math. It defeats the purpose. Eric Stern states that, “it’s just a way to make P.E. teachers more of an asset to schools and seem as important.” This is also true because since gym isn’t a “big priority”, people are trying to come up with all of these ideas that can actually make it a big priority.

    Overshadow is another word I chose out of this article. This word is used by Kathleen Oropeza, who makes a very interesting point about how children themselves might want to do sports and are interested in a position, such as being a goalie. Oropeza talks about how the wants of children are being overshadowed by the “high-stakes test environment”. This is understandable because what if a kid wants to become a pro soccer player? Instead of focusing on how the game is played, he will have to worry about how many steps he takes until he has to kick the ball, or how many kicks he will need to get a goal. Now, we’re talking about a 10 year old who has to worry about that. Shouldn’t he/she just be enjoying the game? I think academics are overshadowing the actual purpose of gym class, which is to have fun.

  16. I chose words from the article “Children in U.S. Are Eating Fewer Calories, Study Finds”
    I think that the two most important words in the article are “increases” and “decrease.” I think that these are the most important words because the whole article is based on increasing and decreasing statistics. Not only do these words have valid points to the article but they are very critical to the article. They are important because they are showing that fewer calories are being consumed from previous years, while more calories are being consumed from fast food restaurants. “Decreasing” has a very important role in the article because it says that the amount of calories that are consumed by children is going down from earlier years but the amount of calories that is being consumed at fast food restaurants is “increasing.” “Decreasing” is also important because it shows that the epidemic of obesity might finally be ending and that due to the epidemic, increasing amount of obese adults in the united states has now gone to 1 third of the adults are obese. I find it very hard to believe that so many people have had this happen to them because it doesn’t take much work to get obese but it’s a struggle when they realize that they are. I recently watched a show that horrified me it was called the 600 pound mother. It was about a mother who was 600 pounds who had hit the point where it had gotten out of control and she needed surgery to correct the problem. She had to get at least to 500 problems to have the corrective surgery. Unfortunately she could not stick to the diet and was not able to reach the 500 pound goal before her death in 2012. People seem to be finding comfort in food and it can become a problem with the increasing amount of calories from fast food they are consuming throughout a day. The words “increasing” and “decreasing” are very important in this article because it shows the statistics are rising in certain areas but also falling in other areas.

  17. The two words that I picked that seemed to be most important in the article, “Children in U.S. Are Eating Fewer Calories, Study Finds” were “Obesity” and “Consumption”. I picked these two words because they seemed to stick out to me a lot within the article. They were repeatedly used throughout the entirety of the article showing that they must have something big to do with the story.

    I picked “obesity” as one of the most important words in the article because I feel it has a lot to do with what the article is trying to tell the reader. In the article this word was used frequently throughout most of the paragraphs. What the word represents in the article though is the issue that is being acted upon. The author talks about how obesity is a persistent problem in adults in the world today. As a matter a fact, as stated in the article by the author, “A third of adults are obese” (para. #3). This word is important because it’s used to describe what the problem is in the article. It’s more of a descriptive word but that’s why I feel that this word is one of the most important in the article.

    The other word that I picked from the article that I thought was important was “Consumption”. This word stuck out to me unlike some of the other words because of the constant use of it in the author’s arguments on obesity and calorie consumption. This word is important because it links to all of the other important words in the article. For example, calories links to it because that’s what people are “consuming” too much of, obesity because that is a result of the “consumption” of unhealthy foods, and food because that’s what is physically getting “consumed”. Without the word consumption, or any of the other words linked to it, there would be no way to explain the issue talked about in the article.

  18. I choose the article, “Teacher, Juggler, Unicyclist.”
    One word that I thought was very significant to this article was “invigorated.”
    I choose this word because it describes Mr. Burgess’s passion for his job. The position not only in what he took for the circus but also in his teaching. I feel invigoration is a word that sums of the feels and contempt attitude Mr. Burgess brings out in his work. As a small child when is parents would bring him to the circus they said he would always run down to the actors and ask for juggling advice and said in return he would give his labor for it. This statement to me shows the determination and willingness to become what he truly wants to be. Another example is when he says, “Who seemed invigorated by the youthful energy from the class. It is one reason he refuses to retire, even though a pension would bring more money than his salary.” This to me stands out from others. Normally when I talk to my aunts and uncles they say they can’t wait to retire. Mr. Burgess on the other hand doesn’t care about the money in some sorts, he cares about the students over the money he would rather have the satisfaction of living the rest of his life teacher is passion than living home alone for the rest of his days. That the energy and encouragement he puts out and receives helps his soul in a sense that it keeps his sanity and he can be who he is and help others achieve their dreams like he did when he was their age.

    Another word I choose was “want.”
    I choose this word because it was many different aspects in its meaning. I got this word from his quote that says, “Yeah, this is what I want,’ “ This quote was what he remembered when he had thought as a child wanting to become a circus performer. But mainly I choose this word for the mean that it was the decision Mr. Burgess wanted to make not the one he had to make or was the best one to have made but the idea that it was what he truly wanted. To perform was his dream to become one that hundreds of people would see. This word not only goes with Mr. Burgess’s life but it also implies his students lives in that they want to become someone like Mr. Burgess in a sense of acting in that field. I can also relate to this word because I like Mr. Burgess have a decision to make like he had when he was my age. Now I personally don’t want to become a circus performer but the who idea behind this is the means of wanting to do something to having to do another. That doesn’t imply the school and so on but the career aspect of it on what I want to do with my life, something that will make me a lot of money or something that will make me happy something I would live with and like to live with for my life. Like MR. Burgess he choose the lines of becoming something that didn’t bring him the most income but something that gave him fulfillment and a stabilized living position.

  19. A word that is critical to “Children in U.S. Are Eating Fewer Calories, Study Finds” is “obesity”. In America, obesity is a big problem and the fact that children are consuming fewer calories than before is hopeful thing for health experts who have seen obesity at a high. It will take more time to see if this decrease in consumption of calorie will make a difference in obesity but it’s a good start. Adult obesity rates have stopped increasing and adults are getting fewer calories from fast food, Decreasing child obesity is a good start to making a happier and healthier society. This will later decrease the rate of adult obesity if things stay in the same path. It is important for people to be worried about obesity because of diseases like Diabetes, Heart disease, and cancer. Seeing a trend like this one is a good sign since one third of adults are obese. Hopefully these numbers will decrease but teaching kids how to eat right will be the key to see a start in obesity decline.

    “Consumption” is another key word in this article. Children have consumed fewer calories than they did a decade before. Eating too many calories can lead to obesity or other problems from the intake of too much unhealthy food. Calorie consumed by boys declined by 7% to 2,100 calories a day and girls consume 1,755 calories a day on average dropping 4% than previously. A drop in carbohydrate consumption also occurred. Carbohydrates are known to be one of the key links to the obesity epidemic. Seeing less consumption of calories and carbs is a sign that America is starting to eat healthier and become slimmer. Children are consuming fewer foods like sugary cereals and sodas that can be harmful if over consumed. Calorie decline was primary found in boys 2-11 and teenage girls. Fewer calories are being consumed by adults at unhealthy fast food places. This is good because Americans eat a third outside their home and the drop of fast food consumption shows good health decisions. Consuming less calorie food and making healthier choices will help stop the obesity epidemic

  20. I chose the article, “Seen as Nature Lovers’ Paradise, Utah Struggles With Air Quality.”

    As I read the article, the word “pollution” jumped out many times. This seemed to be an important word. In fact, it is the main cause of Utah’s problem. Salt Lake City is a city known for its beautiful mountains for skiing and biking. However, the city is covered in a thick fog of pollution. In most places in the world, pollution is escaping into the atmosphere. This is a problem everywhere but some places have a higher rate of it than other. Utah just got the award for being unsafe. Doctors say that the pollution is just as bad to 40,000 pregnant women if all of them started smoking. This is taking matters father and is becoming a not so safe environment because Utah keeps polluting the air. This is only one of the factors. In order for the pollution to linger in that air, it needs to be trapped and that is just role the next word does.

    “Winter” is also a very important word in the story because it is also a major factor. Winter storms play the role of the trap for the pollution. Pollution is already a bad thing in our air that is in the atmosphere. It is bad enough alone. However, winter in the Salt Lake City has a huge impact on what the pollution does in the air. When the winter storms come and leave snow on the ground, the high pressure traps the cold air. This means that it traps the pollutants as well created a heavy fog hovering over the city that breathes this air. The city is almost like a snow globe that breathes what’s not so much any anymore, but chemicals. If the winter didn’t come, there would not be a problem. But now that it did, it has the city in close calls and a bad reputation.

    Between the two words of pollution and winter, they have made it a very unsafe environment. Federal safe air standards are 35 microgram particles per cubic centimeter. However, Salt Lake City is at 69 microgram particles per cubic cm. Also, the Utah counties are at 125 microgram particles per cubic centimeter which almost five times more packed with microgram particles than they should be and in this case, it is of pollutants.

  21. “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games anymore”
    One word that I chose from the article “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games anymore” is the word “learning”. This word is one of the most important in this article because even though some may disagree on the new way to incorporate other subject into gym class, the bottom line is that the kids are “learning” more quickly and efficiently than the traditional way. In elementary school I always loved gym, but sometimes struggled in academics such as writing and reading. If my gym teacher had incorporated these subjects into class I may have became a stronger reader and writer, giving me more time to work on technique and structure. This expansion of “learning” could widely spread the rate of “learning”. Some may believe that gym class is just for all fun and games and it still is, adding a little math or English doesn’t change that. Even as they count and spell they are still participating in physical activity. They are still “learning” either way, one way faster, one way slower. To put it plain and simple the kids are “learning” they are just learning more efficiently.

    Another word that I chose from this article is “moving”. This word stood out to me because when I think of “moving” forward, I think or something that could be a “revolution”. For example this new way of learning in gym class could be a “revolutionary” change in the learning rate of children. Kids could potentially learn much faster, expanding their knowledge faster than in the past leading into a “revolutionary” state of learning. I also think of how as the kids “move” physically they are also “moving” mentally in gym. It’s almost like killing two birds with one stone. They expand their knowledge and their physical state in one class. People always say that “the kids today are the future tomorrow”, this connect to this article because if they are the future wouldn’t you want them to be the best they can to learn faster and more efficient, to “move” the bar higher.

  22. I’m writing about the article “Gym class isn’t just fun and games anymore”.
    To address the growing problem of childhood obesity and low test scores in America, Everglades Elementary School has decided to change their physical education program. This new system combines the academic part of school along with the gym part. Students learn vocabulary words while warming up, and stack legos into mathematical groups while doing pushups. There has been a good amount of debate on this newfound form of teaching. While some people are all for it, others worry that this work may be just too much for the children. Parents are concerned that adding academics to gym class might become overwhelming for their children.
    The school board argues that this new system won’t take away from the original purpose of physical education. While learning academic material, the students are still taught the original gym/ health material. They go over concepts like eating healthy and exercising- while improving their language, mathematical, and scientific skills. While teaching the material, the activities are designed to keep gym class enjoyable. This new system also makes the gym teachers appear more valuable assets to the school, especially in the case of the limited budget. Gym teachers have become teachers first, and gym instructors second. There is no doubt that this new type of physical education will help to improve the disappointing test scores, while also aiding America in its growing obesity issue. Children will receive an overall better education, while learning how to live healthy.

  23. In the article “Smoking’s Gender Gap Closes” I think that the two most important words are “hazard” and “

    The first word, “hazard” is significant to the message of this article. The article exposes the increasing danger of smoking, and the decrease in life expectancy for smokers of each gender. “…women smokers face a 17.8 times greater risk of dying of lung cancer, than women who do not smoke; men who smoke are at 14.6 times greater risk to die of lung cancer than men who don’t.” Smoking can lead to many types of cancer, especially lung and esophageal. By smoking, people are causing their own deaths. I think that the word “hazard” truly exemplifies the seriousness accommodated with smoking. When I hear that word, my reaction is to prepare for danger. I think of when I learned about Brownfield “hazardous waste” in biology class, and how entire areas had to be shut down because of unsafe pollution. The word perfectly describes the amount of life threatening danger that can come from smoking cigarettes

    The second most important word found in this article is “reducing.” I think that we need to reduce the amount of smokers in the world. These people, who probably are smoking to relieve their stress, are actually creating more stress. Our friends and family members are suffering because of this habit, and the second hand smoke affects everyone else. Not only will the amount of smoke reduce, but also life expectancy will increase. People will be able to live happier, fuller lives without being burdened by the negative health affects of smoking.

  24. In the article “Gym Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore,” two words in particular stood out to me. One of them was “unorthodox”.” Unorthodox” is to go against the traditional way of doing something. The new practice of incorporating academics into gym class is extremely “unorthodox.” Physical Education class is supposed to be used as a short break for your brain during school hours. It gives kids a chance to let out all of their energy after sitting al day. It’s overall just something to look forward to during the day. However, now that schools are incorporating academics, I feel as though kids won’t try as hard and they will dread school altogether. Even though educators are trying to get test scores higher by combining physical and mental enrichment, I feel like it will just have the opposite effect. I know that if I had to count and spell during gym, I would be fed up with learning by the end of the day and my grades would suffer from it. That is why I think that “unorthodox” is an important word in this article.

    On the other hand, the word “opportunity” also stood out to me in this article. In context, this word is used to describe how children who aren’t extremely athletic are finally being given the chance to succeed in gym class. By combing something that they’re good at with something that they’re not the best at, it makes the whole course more enjoyable for them. I think that this is a good idea because it avoids discouragement by their peers. For example, I know that every kid always dreads the humiliation of being picked last for a sports team. By incorporating academics, it will give those kids a chance to shine amongst their classmates. By limiting certain children’s superiority, so they think, there will also be less conflict and tension during class. That is why I think that “opportunity” is another important word in this article.

  25. I chose the article, “Seen as Nature Lovers’ Paradise, Utah Struggles With Air Quality,” because nobody has chose to write about it, and I found the article interesting because the title brought questions to my mind like, to what extent is the struggle and etc. The first word I chose that describes the article in my opinion is, “repulse.” I chose this word because Salt Lake City can be known as a pretty place but the air pollution is driving the beauty back and making the city uncomfortable. Byrce Bird can agree with me. “Obviously, this is not acceptable.” Said Bryce. During the winter months, the city faces a dispersed thick fog. “I ended up in a city that I absolutely love, and we sometimes have the worst air in the country.” Said Ms. McMartin who suffers fibrosis from the pollution. Her love for the city is being dragged back because of the air. In the beginning of the article it says how the slops at the Salt like are mythical during the winter, but the reputations of Utah’s bad air is yet bringing another quality.

    The second word I chose that relates to the article is, “desperate.” I chose the word desperate because in the situation, the clock is ticking, the city is hopeless, and can’t win. Like Ms. Arent said, “I wish there was some easy solution, but there’s not. The longer we delay, the harder it gets to clean up our air.” Utah is desperate for help; if nothing gets done the people with health issues will only get worse. In fact, living in Salt Lake’s environment is equivalent to being a smoker. “I am very concerned about the air quality; we’re doing everything we can to make sure it is improving, and in fact, it is,” said Mr. Herbert the governor.

  26. When reading the article “Smoking Gender Gap closes” two specific words caught my eye more than any others. One word that was essential to the story was ‘life’ and ‘smoke’. I believe that this story wouldn’t even be necessary without life. Life is the center of the universe and the fact that certain people would take risks such as smoking to interfere with that just seems ridiculous to me. Though smoking is addictive, steps can be takin in order to stop and these steps could add on more than 10 years to certain people’s lives. The tar and other chemicals in cigarettes attack the lungs of humans like snakes attack mice. It’s deadly. The poison punctures any health a person may pertain and causes them to be sick and shortens their life span to an enormous extent. Without life in this world there would be nothing and that is part of the reason why I believe that word is so important to this article. When people decide to start smoking they are accommodating theirselves with death. Anyone in the right mind should be aware that once they begin smoking cigarettes it is increasing their chance of death. Life should be fulfilled to the fullest and be enjoyed while being healthy and prosperous with everything we do. One question this article gives me is why people start smoking in the first place? There is nothing attractive to it and nothing that comes from it can help a person. A cigarette is basically cancer in a stick and the fact a person would chose to start such a habit baffles me.

    The second word that I chose, “smoke” pertains to the entire article. Smoking is the main theme of ” Smoking gender cap closes” and there would be no point to this article if smoking wasn’t a problem. The moment a person decides to let smoke into their lungs is the moment they start going down the wrong path. Though smoking doesn’t necessarily make someone a bad person, but it does turn them into an unhealthy one. For some odd reason people must think it is okay to put their life at risk. Smoke is a deadly fume that shouldn’t even exist. The deadly fumes given off by tobacco kills off over 200,000 people per year according to this article. I can actually personally relate to this. Many people in my family have a history of smoking and have died at an age far too young because of it. For example, my great grandmother started smoking at only 15 and died at the age of 40 due to lung cancer. I never knew her because of this but if it wasn’t for cigarettes I may have been able to be included in her life and realized how good of a person she was. If it wasn’t for smoke there would be so many more people in the world and who knows how many great inventions and discoveries we could’ve have. People everywhere are suffering from this and no matter how much people are aware of the dangers of smoking it may never stop. To come to a conclusion, smoking has no reason to exist and in my opinion it’s only here for the money industries give to people. That is honestly sick and is basically like second hand murder. The fact people would be so selfish to give out cancer sticks to others just to get a few extra dollars is Inhumane and disgusting.

  27. “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore”

    The first word I chose was “intensifying”. I chose this because when I read this article, and realized what these kids are going through to have extra learning experiences in their P.E. classes, I thought it was just ridiculous how “intense” it is. “And while in push-up position, they balanced on one arm and used the other (“Alternate!” Ms. Patelsky urged. “That’s one of your vocabulary words”) to stack oversize Lego blocks in columns labeled “ones,” “tens” and “hundreds.”” When I picture elementary school, children in push-up position, on one arm, and using the other arm to stack Lego’s into certain groups, it does not seem right. When I think of gym class, I think a break in the day, where I can have fun, and play sports. I don’t, and don’t want to, think of gym class as a second math class or English class where I have to go do one handed push-ups while I do long division in my head (Obviously school gets harder as you get older so the challenges should also get harder accordingly). I do my best not to be too bias, and I completely understand the United States is ranked 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math, and that there does need to be a change. USA has some of the longest amount of time off of school, and some of the shortest school days. While we (USA) try to maintain our standard of having an envious summer vacation, we need to come to the realization that there need to be a change. With that in mind, and the one handed push-ups while doing long division, kept in mind, there are better ways of changing schools system to have a longer day, or half-days on Saturdays, or longer school years. But to the extent that Everglades Elementary School takes it, is unreasonable in my mind.

    The second word I chose, while can seem that it needs to be overlooked to increase education; it is a reality that can’t be ignored, budget. Everyone want the new technology for better learning capabilities, or a better classroom environment, but the harsh realization is that not all of that is possible in many school areas across the country. Einstein, born 1879, died 1955; there was no “smart board” or “laptop”, there were hardly even the first light bulbs around. In my eyes, some of the new gadgets of the 21st centaury are unneeded, when textbooks are 15 or 20 years out of date. Of course, every school has a budget, and there is no choice to raise the budget without causing other problems. Schools would be more beneficial with personal laptops for students, with online textbooks, for ease of access, not to mention any violation of textbooks, or replacing every 5-10 years. Especially when updating software only needs to be done every 4 years of so and is about half the cost of a textbook. Harsh realizations of Palm Beach Country Schools, like “budget cuts force school officials to make choices between subjects, “it’s just a way to make P.E. teachers more of an asset to schools and seem as important””. In my eyes there are better budget cuts and ways to save money, than ““We are taking away the typical stereotype of what P.E. used to be like.”” If schools had clubs, focused on selling items for profit for the school that involved kids using their math skills to find profit margins, tax, and other math that involves retail, than it’s a win-win situation. Its in plain sight and I don’t see why nothing is being done about it. There are ways to get around money problems that need to be put into action instead of just being pondered and forgotten. Everglades Elementary School has its own ways, that I think are unnecessary if you can find something that does not take away from kids P.E. experience. Money is not an issue unless you make it an issue.

  28. The article I read was “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore.” The two words that are most important to the article is “curriculum” and “standardized-test.”

    The first word that most explains “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore” is “curriculum”. Teachers like Sharon Patelsky, a physical education teacher at Everglades Elementary School, think in order to feel more like a teacher they need to add actual learning into their “curriculum.” The word came up may times addressing that education was added into gym because The District of Columbia thought what you accomplish in gym won’t help you succeed in life, like playing soccer and football. Schools like the Everglades Elementary School think adding better education to gym class will increase the students’ learning outside of class too. The word “curriculum” also came up again talking about how the District of Columbia is also added 50 questions about health and physical education to the end of the year standardized tests, which means the curriculum for gym needs to boosted up. The agenda for gym got much stricter, instead of playing dodge ball and soccer, the students now were instructed to learn about health and fitness. The whole article talked about different schools with different school “curriculums.”

    The next word that explains “Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore” is “standardized test.” “Standardized tests” is what brought up the change in gym class. Like mentioned before the District of Columbia added 50 questions about health and physical education to the end of the year “standardized tests.” They added the 50 question because they thought this would get more children interested in gym and will participate additionally. Also the more children exercising during gym class they hope this will start to decrease the obesity percentage. The word “standardized test” came up again when parents and teachers were talking about this extra time in gym class will help raise student’s math and science test scores. Gym teachers use gym class as a additional learning class. For example, students play educational games like, “added up dots on pairs of dice before sprinting to round mats imprinted with mathematical symbols” also counting in different patterns during warm-ups. Teachers across the USA think that gym class is a good way to kill two birds with one stone, conquering obesity in children and help to raise low standardized test scores.

  29. The two most important words to me for the article “Children in U.S. Are Eating Fewer Calories, Study Finds” were the words big and childhood. I chose these words for a few reasons. Not only does the word big describe the issue and the people this article focuses on but it also has to do with the decrease in obesity rates. It is a huge problem in America. But the rates have been going down, but not enough. We need larger numbers to have a bigger impact on society. I used the word childhood because I feel like we pick up our eating habits from our Childhood. We don’t think about the consequences of eating a lot of sugar and carbohydrates at that age, let alone even know what a carbohydrate is. As a kid you want food you get food and don’t really care what is in it, as long as you like it. But consequently that is being big issue, because kids eat too much of what they shouldn’t, the rate of obesity is till high. It has had gone down though in the past few years. Boys have cut down there calorie consumption by 7 percent, while girls have only by 4 percent from 1999 – 2010. It may not seem a lot but it is a start to solving a modern problem. Hopefully if kids eat healthier they will build up a better eating habit for later in life, aiding the fight obesity.

  30. Unicyclist Teacher Juggler Guy


    Equilibristic means that a number of circus skills which involve balancing or maintaining equilibrium. The term applies equally to acts in which the performer balances on a prop, and acts in which the performer balances or spins a prop. This word plays a significant part in this story because this 72 year old specializes in Equilibrium. That means that he specializes in balancing acts in a circus, which he did for a period of time, but now teaches kids how to master the art of equilibristic form. He thinks that this “helps kids prepare to become complete performers” by teaching them how to walk a tightrope, trapeze flying, then plate spinning and other balancing acts. To even teach his students, he even had to create a custom studio by bolting trapezes and tight ropes to a wood floor and ceiling in a 5th floor studio.


    Performer is referring to the teacher, Mr. Burgess, and the students he teaches that either have successful futures in acting or become circus acts to make a living. To become a performer under Mr. Burgess’s teachings, students have to undergo a required yearlong course for first year students at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. In the studio, students take on the gruesome physical tests such as walking a tightrope, trapeze flying, spinning plates on other objects, and balancing skills. As a child Mr. Burgess had been a performer like the ones he teaches but he worked and learned at an actual circus along with a few classes at colleges but mostly physically on set.

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