BIG DAY awaits… Please send me your work!

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Hi, Sophomores. 
PLEASE email me what you plan to read if it is not already posted somewhere on the blog—then check back for my reply!!!!  This is absolutely essential.  Okay?  You are welcome to continue revising your writing up until when you read, but I need to see the general idea as soon as possible.  Put yourself in my flip flops…  Thanks.

Further, please spread the word  about this since I don’t know whether everyone will see this.  This is absolutely essential, too.  

I’m excited for all of you.  I’ve enjoyed every day I’ve spent with you, and Wednesday will be a fabulous way to acknowledge one another’s strengths, creativity, and bravery

Please stay on top of your appointed responsibilities for our Big Day.  Be in touch via email or in person with any questions or new ideas.  AND send me your work.

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