Five Important Moments or Sights in Your Day

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Hello!  Here is another topic you might pursue (when you’re not working on your Mockingbird essay, of course).
What are five meaningful/important moments or sights that you observe in a typical day? 
Consider what you see each morning on your way to school; your daily interactions with family, friends, and teachersbehaviors you observe in others; the places where you spend your time; and all your favorite things. 
You might write a narrative in which you show your appreciation for these five moments in your day.  Or you might write a list in which each entry is a rich, descriptive paragraph.  There’s no need to rank the five moments you choose—they’re all important! 
Perhaps your goal is to make your reader/listener (!) really feel as though he/she is witnessing each of these five moments.  Write strong sentences that help you achieve this goal!  You may also choose to write an introduction or closing to accompany your list of five moments.

PS:  Notice the punctuation I used in the above list.  Because some of the entries in the list include commas, I’ve separated each distinct entry using a semi-colon.  Did you know that this is another use of the semicolon? 


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  1. 1. The first thing I can honestly admit to seeing in the morning that’s not in a post-dawn haze is HKHS as I enter its premise. The brick monolith looms in the background as the bus drives past, dramatically revealing each part of the school-the old middle school, the connectors, the gym, the catwalk, and so on. As the daily journey to school comes to an end, I know that what I am looking at will be my abode for the next 7 hours (on a quick day.)
    2. When I walk into school in the morning, I always find the table where my friends are sitting. In my opinion, school can be the most important social experience in a person’s life, so being able to see and interact with all my friends is heartwarming, not to mention a necessity for my personal sanity. Since it it usually seven in the morning, none of us are particularly talkative, but it doesn’t matter. A simple nod or fist bumb is all the acknowledgement any of us need in the morning to remember that no matter how our lives are going, we’re not in it alone.
    3. Sequentially, the next important thing I witness in the day is the school weightroom. I find this site important due to the feelings it evokes. It’s strange, but the prospect of pushing yourself, literally tearing apart the fibers of your body, is exciting. To not have this opportunity would be an alien life to me. The familiar scent of leather and metal mixes to form an inviting aroma. “Stay awile,” it says, “for it is here you fight to be the best so that you will never be the worst.”
    4. Upon returning home, I am greeted by a view of the farm I live on-Thankful Circle. The scene of rows of crops growing evokes thoughts of duty and importance in my mind. I know that my dad’s and mine entire lives rest on protecting the farm, as one single catastrophe could ruin our prosepects of making any money or food. Despite this sense, I somehow always find myself struck by the simple beauty of Thankful Circle Farm. Someone really needs to paint it…
    5. Last but not least, at the zenith of my day, i see nothing. Pure darkness, a complete absence of light, is how i fall asleep at night. The utter lack of anything is something i find strangely peaceful. It is as if I were lost in dark space, the nearest galaxy so far away it can’t be registered optically. In this crable of emptiness, I find solace, and proceed to slumber, preparing for another day full of these important sights.

  2. 1.) Upon waking up, the world is once in touch with me again. Pulling the covers off my body, I begin to focus on the new day put in front of me. Carefully, I draw up my blinds and have my tiny blue eyes gaze out into the morning light. The weather, time, and feelings I get from peering outside affect my day in tremendous ways. I begin to realize how thankful I am for every day that I am blessed with, helping me to remember to take nothing for granted.

    2.) Soon, I walk up the dark, rubbery stairs of the school bus, slowly finding my seat in number 18. After setting my heavy school bags and sports gear down, I become in touch with the world again. Pulling out my I-phone, I begin to read through text-messages, Facebook, and twitter. As my eyes pace across my phone, reading endless tweets and messages, I comprehend how my peers are experiencing the exact same thing at the moment. Realizing this, I find my place in the world and realize I’m not alone in anything I do or experience.

    3.) My next meaningful moment in a typical day takes place in the lunchroom. This is the time and place of the day when everyone at school gets to hang out with their buds, getting in touch once again. Seeing and interacting with all my friends makes me thankful for education in the world and the concept of friendship. Without friends, I don’t know where I’d be in life.

    4.) After a long school day filled with learning and studying new material, I can finally relax when stepping onto the softball field. To me, softball isn’t only a sport, but a way of life. Ripping the ball with a powerful crack of the bat and feeling the smooth softball into my glove is what I live for. I push myself with every swing and throw, attempting to get better and better every day.

    5.) Concluding my long day, I finally lie in bed and am able to catch my breath. I literally can feel all the weight of the day shed off my body slowly, as if a sink dripping every last drop off the faucet upon being shut off. Closing my tiresome eyelids, I see complete darkness and begin my routine of thinking back through my whole day. With regrets and accomplishments, I soon fall into a dark haze, recharging myself for the next exciting day.

  3. 1. My favorite part of the day is when I first wake up in the morning and am blissfully ignorant of all the things that recently happened and anything that I may have been stressing out about. All I know is that I just woke up and a new day is beginning. Nothing from the days before matter and becomes unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I just lay there and stare at my sheets in wonderment at what is going on, being pretty foggy after a long slumber and have a mind completely blank of thoughts. After a couple of seconds, I realize where I am and everything comes rushing back to me, placing the weight of the past back on my shoulders. Although this feeling is short-lived, it’s the most peaceful part of my day and always look forward to it.
    2. When I get to school in the morning, usually around 7:15, I get dropped off by one of my parents by my homeroom. Since there’s still time until homeroom officially starts, Mr. Vasquez and I have regular jam sessions where we play whatever music we think the other would appreciate & just rock out until the bell rings. We share good music & introduce each other to music we think the other would like and just relax before the day starts to get crazy. Although on some days, I have to study for a big test during homeroom, these are the days I live there where I can just chill with a cool dude who has a good taste in music.
    3. Even though a lot of times during lunch I’m forced to do homework that should’ve been the night before, the days that I am completely free to just enjoy my friends are always the best. We can forget about the school stress we had earlier that day and just enjoy each other’s company. Being the person that I am, on these kinds of days I usually end up laughing so hard that I start crying, but no matter how silly I might look, I have the time of my life. Laughter is the easiest way to release stress and I always try to take advantage of these opportunities so that all the pressure I feel from school can be lifted off of my shoulders, even for only a moment. When this kind of thing happens, I’m not thinking about the test that I have tomorrow or the boatload of homework I’m going to have to do later that night; instead, I’m just enjoying myself and having fun, which is how life should be lived.
    4. That end of the day feeling that starts to sink in F period in C Dawgs class makes me want to stop working hard & just doze off, but when I remember that I have English class, I postpone my afternoon nap until I get home. I can’t say that things go very well on Tuesdays when I have Bio last period, but that’s beside the point. I look forward to English because unlike some other English classes where the students are just given busywork so that they leave the teacher alone, we actually have interesting & intellectual conversations about the subject that we’re on as well as an assortment of other things. When we do “yoga,” I get a chance to relax after what is usually an incredibly stressful day & I always look forward to the prospect of being able to do it. It’s one of the only things that keep me going when I just want to quit.
    5. My second favorite part of the day is when I’m lying in my bed & I’ve most likely been tossing & turning for quite a while, when finally something clicks & my body relaxes as I start to fall asleep. It usually takes me a little while to finally drift off unless I’m really tired, but I always looks forward to that moment when I realize, in quite a fog, that I’m going to be falling asleep any minute now. My biggest problem is that my mind races when I try to go to sleep and my brain wanders off into thinking of all kinds of nonsensical things that should not be coming to my head when I’m supposed to be sleeping, but that moment when my brain finally starts to calm down & slowly, but surely, blank off into nothingness is one of the best feelings in the world.

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